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Welcome to the home of Wisconsin's Cactus and Succulent Society. We are a small, but growing, group of enthusiasts that meet once a month to discuss our collections and talk about care, identification and varieties of plants. Please join us as we continue to both learn and teach each other about the many varieties of cacti and succulents.

Why Grow Cacti & Succulents?

some_textThere is a fascination in watching any plant grow, as it matures into a well-grown specimen and an object of beauty. When it comes to growing cacti and succulents there is a special appeal on many different levels. Their exotic nature, often unusual colors and forms, and very beautiful flowers can be a constant source of enjoyment; just ask any collector and they'll tell you. Your curiosity is stimulated, and then your questions are answered as a plant grows and changes in your care and all your time and effort is worth it.

The requirements of growing these exotic plants set them apart. Their cultivation in less than perfect climates sometimes presents some challenges to overcome. However, it is quite possible to grow them successfully, and you can, if the desire is there, grow these plants for many successful years.

Cacti and Succulents may take many years to become fully mature, but for those with patience, little can compare with the joy felt for the first time a cactus plant, which you have looked after for 30 years, finally produces a beautiful flower.